Vitalis Home Care Website Design
Susan Turner-Kapsanis
"Thank you for all the hard work you've put into the site - it’s looking great, we’ve been getting really good feedback as well as direct enquiries via the forms on the site - something we’ve never had before!"
Vitalis Home Care iMac

The Villain

The previous website solution had four micro sites, each designed with a distinct offering for each user a specific user archetype: 

The user archetypes were:

  • Patients and Family
  • Health Professionals
  • Organisations and Governments
  • Vitalis Staff

The website would be visited by patients and their family looking for in-home care services. While it was important to offer information to health professionals, corporates and Government, while being appealing to new staff prospects as the company continues to grow.

The challenge was to present a neat and concise information architecture that would allow the varying constituents to get where they needed to be.

The Hero

MOBLE CMS excels in menu navigation, with a wide range of plug and play menu solutions that can easily be applied to any website.

The Header Navigation uses Mega Menus for the four core constituents; Care in the Home (Patients and Family), Health Professionals, Government and Staff. While a top bar allows users to access key information for News, About and the Referral Form. Strong Call-to-Actions in mint green display the phone number and the interactive Action Section.

MOBLE widgets are used to dynamically feed Testimonials and Expertise statements to relevant areas of the website. The website has over 30 fantastic testimonials that are tagged and assigned to related services. This ensures that sensitive and often emotional client testimonials automatically display, via transitioning sliders, on relevant areas of the website. These dynamic sliders build trust and demonstrate expertise against key services. They are accompanied by forms to maximise the website enquiries and conversion rates.

The Happy Ever After

The website was launched in time for an ABC News report regarding the wonderful job Vitalis have done recruiting new staff during Covid19.

The launch also required a website migration of the four old domains to the one new website using redirects via MOBLE’s out of the box redirects tool. The website quickly restored Google Rankings and began to receive enquiries instantly.

Accent Colours

Primary Colours



Supporting Colours





Vitalis Home Care Website Design

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