Paul Davenport |  2 min read


In Series 1 Episode 10: 5 Steps for Growth, we talked about the importance of using Forms on your website to capture customer data. When you capture a new email address you can automatically pass it to your preferred Marketing Automation software platform and start to move the new prospect through a series of marketing automation funnels.

There are many marketing automation platforms available all with different nuances. Typically all Automation platforms will:

  • Automate repetitive marketing tasks at scale.
  • Group defined customers into specific segments.
  • Track your customer's email, SMS, and website interactions.
  • Send customers personalised information based on their segments and interactions.
  • Lead score the customer data to predict which customers are ready to buy and funnel leads to your sales team.
  • A/B testing integrations to continually learn and enhance all metrics and campaign productivity.

Such is the importance of Marketing Automation MOBLE has taken the time to integrate with some of the best platforms. In this Episode, we'll compare some of the more popular ones, and in the following Episodes of this Series will show you how to integrate them with your MOBLE website. Mostly this is as easy as copying and pasting API keys from the Marketing Automation platform to your MOBLE website.

Please note that this Episode is a precursor to Series 7, where we will uncover the step by step approach to set up an entire marketing campaign from initial ideas to full implementation and analysis. Jump ahead to Series 7 at any stage if you're ready to start planning your next marketing campaign.

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign provides a full range of inbound marketing features at a very competitive price. ActiveCampaign is used by MOBLE to power our own inbound marketing funnels and sales CRM. As such, we have created a range of automation strategies for each phase of the MOBLE Philosophy (Motivate, Onboard, Build, Loyalty and Expose), these insights can be harnessed by your business. ActiveCampaign works seamlessly with MOBLE CMS Enquiries, Forms, Landing Pages and Tracking. The reporting on Active Campaign is slim, so do speak with MOBLE about custom reports and dashboards.


Hubspot is the best in class CRM and Marketing  Automation tool for small businesses. The CRM is more comprehensive than ActiveCampaign with more comprehensive reporting out of the box. Hubspot has a steep price creep when your database starts to grow and an annual contract is required, which can be a barrier to small businesses. Hubspot works seamlessly with MOBLE CMS Enquiries, Forms, Landing Pages and Tracking. Hubspot has a mobile app which is a key feature still lacking on ActiveCampaign.


Autopilot is perhaps the marketing platforms of choice for SalesForce users. Autopilot has a beautiful canvas that is a joy to use for established users, though does require much more creativity and discipline than ActiveCampaign, which automates the look and flow of funnels. As both Autopilot platforms are vested by SalesForce they lack a sales CRM and therefore the additional expense should be considered. Though, if you are already on SalesForce, both can be your perfect inbound marketing alley. Autopilot works seamlessly with MOBLE CMS Enquiries, Forms, Landing Pages and Tracking. MOBLE use Autopilot for our own Marketing Automation campaigns including our CMS help automation.