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PRO PLAN is perfect for all businesses with the aim of being the very best they can be online. If this is you, you will understand that businesses with a clear content strategy, that can produce and disseminate content consistently and creatively, can reap the rewards of high traffic and high customer retention. Here we take a closer look at typical behaviour of a MOBLE PRO user:


It is assumed that before you upgrade to PRO that you're already familiar with PLUS. If you haven't checked out the typical features used by a PLUS user, be sure to check them out here.

PRO PLAN offers an extremely large website of 500 pages and ensures effortless management and publishing of large volumes of content in moments, with MOBLE's Tag based Dynamic Widget. MOBLE's Tags and Widgets bring enterprise level technology into every page and goes even further that traditional enterprise CMS's, by allowing a range of widgets to be swapped and changed, with the ability to call any content, be it pages, images, documents, audio, video or even users into feeds and render content with beautiful animations and effects.

To learn more about MOBLE'S CMS and the vast amount of functionality available to you, every website comes with an online video series with easy to follow tips and tricks that transition you into a website design pro. If you haven't done so already be sure to check out or free On Demand Web School and start learning how to become a web content pro today.

Just like all other MOBLE Plans, PRO PLAN comes with all the MOBLE features. We find that Pro's like to turn their website into a revenue-generating machine and here we look at some of the payment features available in MOBLE’s Form Builder.


MOBLE's FORM BUILDER, can turn standard forms into a revenue-generating machine. By simply ticking a payments checkbox you can automatically turn your fields into price options. A wide variety of payment types are included with little configuration required. You can allow users to sign up for a subscription and determine the subscription frequency, or simply take a one-time payment. You can give users options to select from and allow them either a single choice, or a choice of multiple items. 



  • Single Choice Check Box and Single Choice Drop Down
  • Multi-Choice Check Box and Multiple Choice Drop Down



  • Single Choice Check Box and Single Choice Drop Down
  • Multi-Choice Check Box and Multiple Choice Drop Down



  • Stripe
  • eWay
  • SecurePay
  • Pin Payments