Having designed a stunning website for Horizon Communications Group in 2015, seven years on it was time for a refresh. The new design would use contemporary design techniques and geometric shapes serving as a note the old website, while extending the life of the Horizon brand beyond 2022 and for the next seven years to come.

The Story

Since 1992 Horizon has helped over 250 organisations, working with CEOs and senior business leaders to solve problems and build brands.

With a fresh body of work, several new team members and many new industry awards, it was time for the MOBLE design team to get involved and deliver a fresh new look for Horizon.






The Villain

Being an existing website customer, Horizon had access to the full collection of 5,000 layouts within their MOBLE page editor. The Horizon team began to play with their MOBLE tools to add new cases studies to their old website.

The team loved the new layouts inside MOBLE which inspired them to start replacing old layouts with new ones.

Having given the transformation a worthy shot, the look of the new pages lacked a professional sheen that comes with an experienced designed working on the project. The team phoned MOBLE to take a look and offer suggestions to their initial attempts.

As such, MOBLE made a few sketches of how we saw the evolution of the Horizon brand. It was agreed by all that MOBLE should take over the project to build the concept and deliver an entirely new website look and feel.

March Dance Events Booking Website iMac

The Hero

The power of MOBLE meant that we didn't have to start the project from scratch, as you would on other CMS platforms. We updated the CSS Menu with completely new fonts, uploaded a bank of new images, sketched white polygon background shapes that became a signature of the new design and branding, and finally the set about the build of 10 stylish new layouts.

Once completed, we handed the tools back to the Horizon team to get inside the CMS and tweak the text content.

Given the ease of the MOBLE platform the team were able to update content as easily as they could in Microsoft Word. Within two weeks a new website had taken shape.

This process saved the Horizon team not only hours of production and consulting time, but also thousands of dollars since, they didn't have to commit to a full build and only paid MOBLE for the services they needed.

On just about every other website platform in the World Horizon would have had to build the website from scratch, and for such a dynamic PR agency, this could have been a costly distraction from core business.

Justin Flaherty Horizon

"We engaged MOBLE as a fledgling company, we liked their ambitious vision and tech capabilities, but could sense they put people first. We instantly felt comfortable that we could rely on MOBLE for both our websites and for our clients. We gave the team open license to come back to us with creative suggestions and since then we have been impressed with both the design creative and of course the CMS that we enjoy watching grow at an unbelievable rate."

The Happy Ever After

The Horizon team had a training refresh to understand how animation and effects can be be used to bring pages to life. We also provided a lesson in the Figma design platform, so that the team could feel comfortable in ongoing tasks such as designing transparent png client logos in the Horizon red, and removing backgrounds from partner and association icons.

We feel the Horizon team are now well placed to manage their website on the fly, in-house, as soon as new cases studies are delivered, new team member arrive, and of course, as new Awards continue to be won.

Accent Colours

Primary Colours



Supporting Colours





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