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The Villain

As a communications company, the focus on messaging during a rebrand would always be an essential factor for the new Reputation Edge website. Reputation Edge are a team of industry thought leaders with established expertise and a rich history of information that could be shared.

The MOBLE workshop was a key part of the process to align the key stakeholders and bring focus to the messaging and direction.

The metrics from the workshop leaned towards selling the people in the business, rather than the solely services that they offered. The workshop metrics lead the design choices, which resulted in smooth and easy navigable information architecture.

The Hero

We decided to emphasis the new company slogan 'Reach', Enhance, Protect' and used it to create the main navigation menu labels.

MOBLE's flexible mega menus were adopted to create slide down menus, that feel like new pages as you hover over each label.

The key message for each section was presented along side the diverse menu of services that the company offers.

This technique allowed messaging to be a seamless part of the website navigation in each menu tier from the main header down, while the user is only ever one click away from every page. 

While subtle, this navigation technique powerfully demonstrate to the user that Reputation Edge consider messaging in ever detail of their communications.

Reputation Edge Website Design Macbook
Mark Gell Reputation Edge

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Reputation Edge Custom Website Design

The Happy Ever After

A key part of the design would be find a method of showcasing the key stakeholders in the business, aiming to make them approachable for new business enquiries, while portraying their expertise and industry leadership.

We decided to invite the team to the MOBLE Studio in Surry Hills where we short a series of short video for each key stakeholder in the business.

The black interior of the MOBLE offices made the perfect back drop, while spot lighting would create a stunning consistent effect on each profile.

We coded a custom slider video reel, allowing users to effortlessly scroll through each partner video right on the home page in a neat interaction.

MOBLE were allowed to introduce a new colour scheme with deep blues, leaving only the Carolina blue as a hint to the previous brand. The black background of the videos pops off the colour scheme and bringing a sophisticated emphasis to the video slider.

The end result was a stunning effect, the presenting trust, creditability, and creativity that reflect the Reputation Edge company values, and leave a powerful brand to take the business forward.

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