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PLUS PLAN is perfect for all businesses that are serious about their online presence. The page allocation jumps up to 50 pages, which is perfect for businesses wishing to create, news, blogs or even list events and products. In addition to more pages, PLUS PLAN introduces new functionality that aims to make you more sophisticated in how you interact with your users and manage data.

Here we take a closer look at some of the features that you might take advantage of with our PLUS PLAN:


With more pages, your users need more efficient ways to find your content. MOBLE's Site Search is a standard feature of many Headers that you can choose from when creating your header and navigation. Simply visit the 'Styles' area from the Main Menu and select a Header that includes Search. Everything is done for you and your users will now have an incredible method to refine your content from any page on your website.


PLUS PLAN encourages you to start growing your customer database and with User Management you can start to segment your users into groups. You can Tag users into segments just like Tagging any other content on your website. MOBLE's WORKSHOP and STRATEGY solutions both focus heavily on defining your customers, this allows you to produce content and pages specifically targeted to these customer segments, keeping your content clear and concise, getting to the heart of what your users want. User Management is an essential first step in being able to manage your online marketing activity like a Pro.


Inside every page on MOBLE, you can password protect pages and allow only specific user groups to view them. This is managed effortlessly by turning on 'Protected' inside the Page Settings area, then adding the Tags that the users must have to view the page. If users do not have access, they are automatically encouraged to either Signup or Login. Considering including content that is for your members only, and you will naturally encourage new member signups and database growth. Remember, email addresses are social currency and there is no better form of customer engagement on the internet than to correspond, for free, with users that have an affinity with your business.

If content is king, then your website is your kingdom, your users are your people and email addresses are your currency.


LAUNCH PLAN and MINI PLAN both come with standard forms out of the box, you'll no doubt find these sufficient without needing to edit them, they are ready to go and can be dropped into any location on any page and styled accordingly with MOBLE CMS.

With PLUS PLAN you have more pages and you might want to take it to the next level and start customising your own forms or testing performance with different forms of different pages. Why not create fields and drag and drop them into position, run competitions, offer multiple choice questions with multi or single select options, determine if fields are mandatory and apply character submission limitations. Your forms can be automatically linked to your Autopilot or MailChimp lists or hooked up to your CRM or other Marketing Automation software to streamline your entire business processes. Now FORM BUILDER allows you to turn your forms into a payment system and take one-time and subscription payments online simply by adding your payment gateway ID.


Every form submission can be emailed to you as standard, you can even customise an auto reply to your customers. Going a step further, all of your website enquiries are stored online and provide you with key user data such as the IP addresses, along with the Google Map of where the user was at the time when they submitted the form. We display the Page URL and form name that was submitted, we show you all of the form fields and much more. Your enquiries can be exported at any time into CSV/Excel format, plus you can link your form submissions to your CRM or Marketing Automation platform. ENQUIRIES MANAGER serves as a nice catch all for all your website form data, some MOBLE clients even use it as an entry level CRM, because enquiries can be tagged, ranked, prioritised and even moved along a Sales Funnel to Leads and Sales.


A fully functioning website is a fulcrum to your entire online activity. There is a wide array of outstanding global software solutions that help to power your business processes and profits. As such your website needs to be agnostic to technology and be able to work along with whatever comes before it. Essential tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager are just the start. Today, we live in a business world that can live and die by it's customer support and inbound marketing. CRM tools such as PipeDrive, Base, Amo. Marketing Automation tools that we love such as Autopilot, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Pardot and Marketo are just a sample. Broader business tools like SalesForce, NetSuite or at a basic level MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Tracking tools such as CrazyEgg or HotJar. Support desk tools like Zendesk or Freshdesk. Live Chat tools LiveChat or Zopim. The list goes on and on and will continue to grow. MOBLE CMS allows you to integrate quickly with your preferred website software platforms and should you ever need us for more advanced API integrations, we are only a phone call away.


PROJECTS IDEATION is a tool that we use for our own website clients to help our clients keep a log of their project ideas and then prioritise them into a logical order. The Projects board allows you to add your website content ideas into a list, then score each idea from 10 to 1, in MOBLES's ICEP methodology, as follows:

  • IMPACT scores the impact that the feature will have on your users.
  • CONFIDENCE scores the reality the idea being able to work.
  • EASE scores the effort and time it will take to roll out.
  • PRIORITY is the overall rank score that helps to define what you should work on first.

We find this approach helps align and focus your entire organisation, to work together, meet targets and roll out your best ideas.











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