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The Story

Bankstown Sports Club with over 65,000 members is one of the largest clubs in Australia. As a Not for Profit Organisation, it supports over 40 local sporting clubs, donates over $2 million per year back into the community and employs over 500 staff.

MOBLE designed an extensive website solution for Bankstown Sports Club including 7 colour schemes, a directory of 13 bars and cafes, cinema and theatre, plus accommodation booking and associated venues. The website is truly a comprehensive solution powered by MOBLE CMS.

The website also includes a membership booking system for 60,000 members enabling all memberships to be paid and renewed online. All memberships are passed seamlessly into NetSuite, which powers the Bankstown Sports CRM.

Bankstown Sports Macbook

The Villain

Bankstown Sports Club is a fantastic client to work with, the Not for Profit organisation has 5 content editors all trained in MOBLE CMS, to autonomously produce large volumes of content keeping the diverse website up to date.

The challenge with such a large website would alway be to align all departments, content editors and technology, to produce consistent and streamlined branding across all pages and functionality.

The Hero

MOBLE CMS was selected by Bankstown Sports Club because of the slick visual editor and its power to effortlessly serve large volumes of content with MOBLE's Tags and Widgets functionality.

The website is so comprehensive this story is perhaps best told in shorthand as a bullet list:

  • 7 Colour Schemes design by MOBLE that can be applied to any page or page element
  • Each colour scheme denotes a section of the website
  • Custom Responsive Menu with granular sub level colours and styling with mobile menu icons
  • Advanced Search with editable filters
  • Dynamic Widgets
  • Membership forms and online Subscription Payments
  • Form Builder with custom forms throughout
  • Events Widget with date filter and Booking Integration
  • Movies Widget and Booking Integration
  • 13 Restaurants & Bars
  • Clubs Directory
  • Club Grants Online Application
  • 5 Sub-Websites 
  • Photo Galeries throughout
  • Masonry Widget
  • Blog Widget
  • Portfolio Widget
  • Multi-Language via Customised Google Translate implementation
  • Maps Widget
  • Video Widget
  • Image Compression Engine
  • All powered by MOBLE CMS

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Michelle Rowling

Marketing Manager
Bankstown Sports Club

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The Happy Ever After

The end result was a website that that can upload and serve content extremely quickly. The Tags and Widgets functionality on MOBLE CMS means that as the content is uploaded it can be instantly Tagged. Any widget that has that Tag assigned to it will automatically serve and sort that content. All MOBLE widgets are dynamic and all can serve any content whether it is a Page, Image, Document, Video or Audio. This offered great flexibility to Bankstown Sports Club meaning that a wide range of widgets could be applied throughout the website such a Events, Blogs, News, Mansory, Galleries, etc.


If new photos from the latest photo shoot were ready to be uploaded, they could be uploaded and tagged in batch to MOBLE. The images would be instantly compressed/optimised by MOBLE CMS as they were uploaded and automatically published to widgets, without the client even having to visit a page to assign the images.


With such an in-depth website, the website maintenance could easily get out of hand. From time to time large images might accidentally get updated or new custom features might be required. MOBLE wrote a custom image compression engine for Bankstown Sports Club and then applied the technology to MOBLE CMS. We could do this without needed to bill the client as the feature would benefit our entire client base. 

MOBLE conducts on-site refresher training sessions for the Bankstown team, our phone and email support is always there to serve regular support requests, and to assist should there be pressing deadlines that require MOBLE staff to drive the content management along.

Bankstown Sports Club staff are autonomous in editing the website which keeps their maintenance fees to a minimum on standard MOBLE pricing, despite being such a large website. That should be the goal of any Content Management System to provide a self-managed service that is easy and rapid to use.

Thanks for reading this case study. We'd really love to make your business an online success. Please ask to speak with me today, and we'll happily provide you with a free quotation.

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