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The Story

When MOBLE met Studio Messa we soon understood what a vibrant agency they were. Well deserved of their accolades with a wonderful client list, boasting the likes of Nike, American Express, Vogue, Foxtel, Paspally, Indeed, Nespresso, Martini, the list goes on. Now, as our client, we need to achieve as much creative success for Messa Studio as they achieve for their clients.

The Villain

When a business engages a designer, the expected protocol is that the business offers their trust and support in return for expertise and guidance. Businesses hire designers to find a story, then have it presented in ways that both meets their business goals and takes their brand to the next level.

MOBLE has tried and tested processes to extract the story from a business. We apply metrics to both thoughts and facts, then use the data to remove all design subjectivity, with a focused objective to nail exactly what the client is looking for. Our methodology essential allows us to offer unlimited design revisions while speeding up production time (designers can read more about our methodology here).

When collaborating with other design agencies, we know they'll already have a solid grasp of their story and their goals. We know we have to adjust our normal methods so as not to waste precious agency time, yet still inspire the creative far beyond what the agency ever expected.

Studio Messa iPhone
Studio Messa MacBook

The Hero

In a MOBLE design workshop, we showcase a selection of the latest website designs from around the world and ask the client team to score aspects of each design. We never begin a design project by asking clients to come prepared with their own reference designs. It is our job as designers to raise expectations, inspire what is possible, and advise on the most relevant styles and trends.

On this occasion, we knew Messa Studio would already be well prepared. Sure enough, they came to the workshop with a clear direction of who they were, where they were going, and of course, an arsenal of sketches and immaculate reference websites.

Knowing this would be the case, we changed our normal pre-workshop research and sought after inspiration that would be technology focused, rather than primarily design focused. The aim of our research would be to present technology options to remove any perceived boundaries of what could be achieved in MOBLE CMS, providing a nice platform for creativity and collaboration.


Kate Blank
Creative Director

Studio Messa
Studio Messa Nike Portfolio

The Happy Ever After

The defined objective post-workshop was to create a minimal website, with fine detail and micro-interactions.


This began with a completely stripped back navigation. The four corners of the website were used to navigate to Instagram, Clients, Portfolio and Home. 


The banner of the home page would include an autoplay, looped video. To spice it up we made it subtly fade away as you scroll down the page.


In the body of the page, we introduced parallax movement to show off the excellent project photography. We allowed the Studio Messa team to edit their own parallax movement in the MOBLE user interface with neat speed controls for each image.

For the image descriptions, we also introduced a subtle 'on scroll' animated line that neatly linked the description to the image. 


We created lots of drag and drop animated Design Layouts that Studio Messa could quickly mix and match to create unique customised portfolio pages, purposely tailored for each project. This would future proof their design, meaning that as soon as new projects were completed, Studio Messa could post it online, doing it all in-house, without needing a single line of code.


The end result was a pixel-perfect, minimal design. With such website design projects, the devil is always the detail. With two design teams working together, we counted 21 rounds of revisions, which both teams happily embraced, and as always at a fixed cost.

We love working with design agencies. Such collaborations give us insights as to how other designers work. It keeps us at the forefront of both the latest trends and agency demands, allowing us to apply the most relevant new design features MOBLE CMS. These collaborations ultimately allow more website designers to enjoy the MOBLE software and keep us all improving and doing what we love.

MOBLE is a Website Builder for Design and a CMS Business, projects like this really are at the heart of our ethos. Thank you Studio Messa, the pleasure was ours.

Thanks for reading this case study. We'd really love to make your business an online success. Please ask to speak with me today, and we'll happily provide you with a free quotation.

Paul Davenport,
Managing Director



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