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The Story

Munchie Picchu is an international fast food franchise based out of Australia and New Zealand, serving Peruvian street food via mobile food trucks.

MOBLE was engaged to supply a Multi-Currency, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Site, ecommerce website using our commission free Virtual Venues solution to grow the company.  The strategy was to build a strong recurring customer base for each franchise in order to reduce ad spend and me more profitable.

The development would see a group website for the sale of new franchises across the globe, as well a series of sub-sites for each food truck, the first bing in Stockholm, Sweden.

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The Villain

Like any new business there was a lot design from the initial branding, preparing for sales of new franchises, to the final execution and online transactions. 

MOBLE were engaged to make sense of the digital solution and bring ideas to the table for the ecommerce side of the business. While home delivery was on the high agenda we knew that Order Ahead/Takeaway would be a hit with the mobile food trucks, which is not so easy execute when planning for pickup of orders from a mobile food truck.

The Hero

With franchises being in different cities around the world, it was important that franchisees could determine their delivery zones to apply the appropriate courier and rates for each zone.

MOBLE's configurable shipping allows unlimited Zones tone created, with courtiers/rates applied to each zone. 

To build a solid customer base was important that Order Ahead and Queue jumping was executed for an effective member club strategy. Knowing that the truck might be in different locations through a given city, we would simply the process visitors and allow members to select pickup times based on truck known locations. The franchisee can add their locations and times into a calendar which is also displayed in the cart drawer prior to the checkout page.

While this is not a primary focus, it is an important consideration for certain locations, especially considering potential Covid19 restrictions. QR codes may be placed on each table to take diners to the ecommerce menu page where orders can be placed and purchased online via mobile phones.

As soon as orders are made for in all three scenarios above, labels would be printed inside the food truck.

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Munchie Picchu Ecommerce Web Design

The Happy Ever After

For any retail venue the key strategy should be to merge the lines between physical and digital by bringing Instore foot traffic Online. Businesses often do not consider a strategy for acquisition of customer data, and fail to understand that their rent, or mortgage, should be treated like a marketing expense to build loyal customer data.

To capitalise on foot traffic, a large QR code is designed on to each truck. People may use the QR code to subscribe to the Munchie Club. MOBLE’s Message Automation tool is used to send targeted SMS and WhatsApp promotions to these loyal passers by who have either purchased 'Instore' or have shown an interest and subscribed to purchase later.

By logging in, Munchie Club members, get special pricing and offers. They may see the normal RRP price with a 'strikethrough' to see their member price. This works much better than promo codes since offers can be controlled for each product. Though of course, all MOBLE websites also have discount codes, out-of-the-box, as your would expect.

When Munchie Club members receive offers, they may buy instantly on their phone. Conversation rates are alway enhanced when trying to make the sale now on phones, as appose to a standard message, which only aims to get people back in venue. This is because people will often buy on impulse and lock in the sale now. If customers do not buy now, they often get distracted and never go back to the venue, even though may have liked the offer and had every intention to act upon it. The beauty of mobile ecommerce is that your website is a high converting ecommerce machine. You business is your customers pocket all the time, wherever they are, which is far superior than traditional Instore POS machines.

Data is a new economy, your MOBLE e-commerce solution protects data for both the Member and for Store, while serving as a highly effective solution to make the most of foot traffci, removing dependance on expensive ad spend. Traditional credit card style Point of Sale Systems (POS) do not capture customer details and can not understand the buying habits and preferences of individual customers in order to personalise high converting offers based on their buying habits.

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