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The Villain

With such a large product set of over 25,000 products, and over 50 searchable features, the build required careful planning and a deep understanding of category levels and product specifications in order to design a solution with a smooth user experience.

Being a high-end lighting design company the website needed to present a slick minimal design that would allow designers and architects to find products effortlessly in the minimal amount of clicks.

Furthermore, with the onset of COVID-19 the website had to be built in the shortest possible time to align with the companies internal sales and marketing strategy.

The Hero

MOBLE CMS was customised to mirror the Modular Lighting CRM. The product pages mapped 50 custom fields of features and specifications that enable the products to be search and filtered effortlessly by users.

MOBLE's advanced design workshops allowed us to understand the clients product set accurately and build a category structure for 25,000 products in under 3 levels of navigation.

The advanced search functionality was built using MOBLE's out-of-the-box tools, ensuring such a large website could be built at a mind blowing rate.

As soon as the client exported batches of data, it would be uploaded to custom product page layouts to exact design specification, using MOBLE's web design automation tools.

To experience the search and browsing capability please visit the website here:

Modular Lighting Advanced Product Search
Dudley Hewitt Modular Lighting

"MOBLE built a custom solution to integrate with our internal ERP solution. It's reassuring to know my team are empowered to easily manage the digital side of our business using the MOBLE tools."

Reputation Edge Custom Website Design

The Happy Ever After

The website was built within schedule, with the client being empowered not only to easily upload huge batches of product data, but also to be comfortable with MOBLE's web design tools to manage web pages with ease, while always staying on brand. 

The client enjoyed altering the design to their own tastes, and continues to add new design layouts independently of the MOBLE design team.

MOBLE CMS was given a work out on this build, passing the test with flying colours, meeting all requirements of the brief, and delivering an extensive mid-market website solution.

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