How we bootstrapped the brand identity, website design and build of a comprehensive custom business networking platform for an inspiring Sydney-based philanthropy startup.

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The Villain

The villain in this endearing tale was how to go about building a comprehensive social business network on a bootstrapped budget. The project MVP (minimum viable product) was to be self-funded by the client in order to prove the concept before sourcing investment. We identified that it was essential for the MVP to achieve the ability for people to sign up as members, search 50,000 executives, and book a meeting in the most cost effective, streamlined manner.

If we could get bookings, our client could be confident in securing investment.

The Hero

Before we get ahead of ourseves, and appear to start talking ourselves up (thanks, case studies), we must say the real hero in this story is our wonderful client and inspirational meetmagic leader, Carl Gough, who's vision for the startup will hopefully change the lives of many. Carl's goal for meetmagic is to produce $26million for charity by 2026, now that really is magic.

As far as our role in setting the scene for the exciting chapters to come, we knew we had serious challenges in building such a comprehensive custom website development via a bootstrap methodology. MOBLE's MVP process is highly recommended for startups, as it creates a laser focused approach to website design and product development. MOBLE Projects Board (a feature of MOBLE CMS), enabled the complete project specification to be logged, with each feature ranked using our modified ICEP principles.

ICEP is:

  • I (IMPACT) The impact the feature has on the user.
  • C (CONFIDENCE) The confidence of the feature working.
  • E (EASE) The ease of design or development.
  • P (PRIORITY) The roadmap priority of the feature.

Once each feature was defined, priced, tagged, and prioritised, development sprints could be mapped out by positioning each item into a clear visual roadmap, through which everybody involved in the project could plan, with targeted release dates applied to each sprint. 

Once Sprints were mapped out (typically 4-10 days in length), we could assign pricing to each Sprint and give our client a clear methodology to forecast production in line with timing and budget. This process saw the project take momentum and power its way through to the MVP beta launch.

MOBLE ICEP Philosophy
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The Happy Ever After

The sheer human effort of launching a new online business can not be underestimated. Even the very best startup business ideas require a healthy portion of both luck and timing if they are to rise to the top. To give yourself every chance of success, it is essential that your business model is carefully planned and executed, in order to generate the required capital for growth. When delivering an MVP as a proof of concept, there are really only two possible outcomes for survival:

  1. To create a product that sells enough to achieve positive cash flow.

  2. To create a product that can attract investment, to allow the business to achieve positive cash flow. 

It's an old age saying, but cash flow really is the king in the story of business survival, and is an essential component of any Happy Ever After.

MOBLE recently assisted meetmagic to launch the website at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Barangaroo, the team at MOBLE presented the website UI to an audience made up of the press, investors, and inspired philanthropists. Having designed the entire website branding, logo, website design, and custom platform development, MOBLE is now looking forward to working with meetmagic to take the website forward far beyond the MVP and we wish meetmagic every success. meetmagic now uses MOBLE CMS to manage their own website content.

Thank you again to Carl and meetmagic for being such an inspirational client.

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A Qantas business interview with Founder & CEO Carl Gough

Thanks for reading this case study. We'd really love to make your business story an online success. If you would like a website quotation for your business, please ask to speak with me today.

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