With over 20 years of developing the right mix of hydration formula for elite athletes, the new KODA brand was launched in order to bring elite hydration to the mass market.

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The Story

The Electrolyte Tablets are an established product already assisting some of the worlds most elite athletes. KODA knew that by rebranding the product, combined with influencer marketing alongside those athletes, they could achieve mass market appeal. KODA researched a number of Ecommerce platforms and opted to use MOBLE before our full Ecommerce solution made beta, or even MVP. Let's have a look at some of the reasons why...

The Villain

The expectation was set. KODA were well prepared with presentations explaining the concept and strong branding guidelines, making our initial workshop run like a dream. The issue KODA was facing was finding a platform that allowed for quick customisation on the front end and allowed multiple product options with product group based discounts.

They also needed a platform that they were confident could grow with them as their business grew. Adding new products, learn sections, wholesale purchasing and information related to nutrition, all designed in unique ways which represented the strong brand.

A key consideration was how KODA was going to go to market, with an established business already behind the scenes, KODA's approach to the mass market had to be different. Utilising MOBLE's Marketing Methodology the first step of 'get an email address' was answered with a free sample of 6 Tablets, 2 of each flavour that needed to be used as the strong call to action and visible on every page. They'd then Onboard the user to purchase a Tube of 12 Tablets, Build to the core product sale of a Pack of 6 Tubes and create Loyalty and repeat purchases with a Sweat Test Kit for those who need to learn how much sodium they lose.

  • Motivate: Free Sample
  • Onboard: Purchase a Tube
  • Build: Core Product Sale of a 6 Pack
  • Loyalty: Repeat purchases & Sweat Test Kit for serious athletes
  • Expose: Influencer marketing via social
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The Hero

For a typical MOBLE design workshop, we research the best designs from around the world and ask the client to score aspects of each design. With KODA's clear branding guidelines it made it easy for us to have a great idea about what type of design elements we thought would work well together.

KODA came to the MOBLE workshop to see those curated designs and were excited by the functionality that we could showcase. The aim of our research was to present a solution of education first and then to allow for quick and easy purchase decisions.

The flexibility of MOBLE CMS allowed us to create a design that supports the KODA brand and brings new originality to the new brand. 

The Happy Ever After

A strong brand website with conversion elements throughout and bold call to actions.


Launching an established product with a new brand into a new market begins with education. Why the product exists and how it can benefit its users. KODA's approach is to explain their product's benefits, educate about why hydration is so important, give new users a free sample and then ask for the purchase. They needed a strong header in order to define each call to action.


Following the MOBLE methodology, we want all new visitors to sign up for the free sample and see how good the product is. This needed to in multiple areas around the website, the header, navigation and footer.


It was a conscious decision to remove the standard ecommerce 'add to cart' option and instead take users straight from the product page to the checkout. In the future, when more products are added, this can easily be changed  to enable people to browse. But for the initial launch, with limited products, we want to make that journey as quick and easy as possible.


We've partnered with Klaviyo in order to bring automations to the user journey. Taking them along the path from initial awareness, to free sample then initial and repeat purchases. 


In the end we were able to use MOBLE CMS to build on KODA's strong brand and create a clean website that really pushes for conversions without being salesy and educating the market as to why the products exists.

We love working with strong brands. KODA gave us the flexibility to work within branding guidelines whilst embracing world-class design elements and for us to build new ecommerce features to improve MOBLE CMS for even more ecommerce stores to enjoy.

Thank you KODA, we feel privileged to be on the journey of bringing proper hydration to everyday athletes and enabling them to EAT THE PAIN!

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Pete Short
Managing Director

Koda Endurance

Thanks for reading this case study. We'd really love to make your business an online success. Get in touch with us today if you'd like assistance with your project, we're always happy to help.

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