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The Story

COOMO is an established presence in China with a strong heritage and culture in the high-end furniture market. MOBLE was selected to bring an Australian feel to the local website while respecting the origins of the brand.

Rather than using traditional platforms such a Shopify or Magento, we decided to run the website on the all-new MOBLE Ecommerce solution to give greater flexibility as the brand grows online. Initially, we would launch with Furniture across 7 COOMO brands, but very quickly we expect to be adding Homeware, Bespoke Furniture and Joinery with 18 brands in total. We knew that a custom search and filtering function and bespoke software development with integrations will be essential to future proof the development. This made MOBLE CMS the prime candidate for the build.

Coomo Ecommerce Design iMac

The Villain

MOBLE has two Mandarin speakers in the office, one being Co-Founder and Web Developer Guru, Dr Danny Liang and this would be pivotal to the success of data management and communications which the offshore HQ.

Product data was initially provided in Chinese, which caused some teething troubles for local COOMO staff and MOBLE. The constituents worked together as a team to format the data in Excel in a format that could be uploaded to MOBLE in a csv file.

The local COOMO team were keen to restructure categories and to group products by lifestyle departments such as Living, Bedroom, Office etc, which previously did not exist in the Chinese dataset. MOBLE's tag based Ecommerce system was the perfect solution enabling the Departments to be assigned as Tag Groups, in moments. This would ultimately create the Tag Filters and a customised search engine that was built within MOBLE.

Another issue was that the offshore lifestyle photographs did not align so well with an Australian feel. COOMO Australia were keen to lighten the brand, and it was clear that we should do a Photo Shoot at the beautifully presented Waterloo Showroom.

The Hero

We were extremely happy with the Photo Shoot and the work of the shoot has been well received by COOMO and their clients. The shoot was undertaken on a sweltering Sunday afternoon in December 2017, we were grateful to be out of the heat and in the fine company of the COOMO team. To respect customers and sales, we needed to achieve the shoot in one session as soon as the Interior Design was complete. We intentionally set up lighting with post-production in mind. We used strobe lights to balance artificial lighting and natural light in the Coomo showroom, knowing that back in the office we would create a high-end look that would become part of the COOMO Australia brand in both print and online.

Please take a look at some of the shots above, and enquire below to request more samples of Photo Shoots from other MOBLE projects.

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Rebecca Zhai
Managing Director


In seeking a website partner in Australia it was important that we chose a company that we could form a long-lasting relationship with. We felt that MOBLE were a high tech boutique company and would serve our initial website launch while being able to grow with us as we expand our products and stores in Australia. We thoroughly enjoy working with MOBLE, we always feel welcome at the MOBLE studio and it is nice that the team is prepared to visit our showrooms whenever we have promotions and events.

COOMO Ecommerce Design iPad

The Happy Ever After

The COOMO website built on MOBLE CMS is well placed to accommodate a high volume of products, that we expect to be added as the brand matures in Australia. 

The beauty of a custom Ecommerce design is that we could apply a 'Book an In-Store Consultation' feature next to the 'Add to Cart' button on the product pages. With a high-end price point in mind, we are extremely excited to learn if the products will be transacted more online, or if the 'Book a Consultation' button will encourage more foot traffic In-Store. 

We are now setting up marketing automation funnels to segment customers both acquired both instore and online, we now seek to grow a significant customer database, with high loyalty and retention, with the new COOMO Society VIP Club.

Thanks for reading this case study. We'd really love to make your business an online success. Please ask to speak with me today, and we'll happily provide you with a free quotation.

Paul Davenport,
Managing Director



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