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Suitable for Associations, Online Communities & Intranets

"Building a social network is a large and complex undertaking and beyond the desires and capability of many web developers. MOBLE believe in the value of niche online communities, particularly as the web matures with privacy concerns. MOBLE set about developing a solution that could be attainable for all businesses. Social networks are no longer reserved for large organisations such Facebook, Twitter et al. A social network might offer you a valuable subscription revenue, or a forum for customers to talk about your industry and services, to ultimately encourage high client retention and brand evangelists."


Social Networks can be added to your website to give your members the ability to save content as they browse through your pages, then engage with like-minded members. Networks bring a sticky element to your website; a place to educate, discuss and bring value to your community.


Each member is given access to their secure ‘Profile’ area where they can update their information, including their credit card details should you be billed for membership. 

The Member will be able to save content from around the website to their profile page for easy access at anytime in the future. This feature gives a personalised feel to the website and brings the Member Profile area to life with their own information:

  • My Contacts (optional)
  • My Chats (optional)
  • My Blogs
  • My Events
  • My Products
  • My Resources
  • My Links
  • My Blog Posts
  • My Forum Topics (optional)

The following features are examples that can be assigned to member groups (not limited to):

  • My Profile
  • My Account
  • My Payment Details
  • My Newsletters
  • My Order History, Print Invoice, Payment Status
  • Access to Secure Documents
  • Access to Secure Pages

Member Social Chat Widget - Optional Feature!

MOBLE CMS has the ability to allow members to add each other to their My Contacts and then submit personal messages to each other. The Chat feature is added to their member profile and is an excellent networking feature that is available as an option, should you require it. There is also the option to add chat to the consumer site should people wish to leave the Forum and discuss in person.



MOBLE CMS comes equipped to bring Member Profiles to life, offering more value to their member subscription and interactivity with their peers.

MOBLE’s forum widget enables a series of Discussion Boards to be created by Super Admin, to guide the conversion. Members may post topics to have discussions with other members or receive industry help and guidance from like-minded individuals. Members may save discussions to their My Profile so that they can track the discussion quickly every time they log in. They may elect to be notified every time another member comments on the topic.

  • Discussion Board Categories are defined by Super Admin
  • Topics Created by Members
  • Topic Description added my member
  • Comments added by other members
  • Displays number of comments
  • Days since the last comment
  • Flag if offensive - notifies and stored for view by Super Admin
  • Secure and Robust Forum not exposed to spam


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