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In July, Google will make an important change to its search results by identifying insecure websites in the Chrome browser. Effectively, this means that if your website is http:// and not https://, Google will mark your website as 'Not Secure' on the Search Engine Results Page.

To make sure your website is not affected by this significant change, it is important to purchase and install an SSL certificate.

Having an SSL certificate for your website reassures customers that they are sending their data to a legitimate organisation and that their data will be encrypted while it is transmitted. Studies show that site abandonment rates are as high as 90% for sites without SSL certificates. This can lead to lost revenue, unhappy customers, and a tarnished reputation.

Throughout May, MOBLE will be purchasing and installing SSL certificates for our clients that are still not https://. Please note that your purchase must be on a credit card, this is because much like your domain name, an SSL certificate requires an annual renewal that will automatically be taken each year.

Installing an SSL certificate also requires a degree of website maintenance, such as ensuring your old http:// URLs are redirecting to your new https:// URLs. This means that when somebody clicks on a link to your website (e.g. a link on somebody else's website that points to you, or even a link on a search engine results page), they are instantly redirected to your new https:// address and you will not lose any traffic.

To complement the installation and maintenance, MOBLE has put together a Website Health Check package that is designed to future-proof your website and enhance its performance.

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One time Payment

If it's been over a year since your website was built, chances are it may have started to slip a little. Perhaps new images and text you've added have not been optimised, or perhaps your website design and code are not up to speed with the ever improving standards from Google.

When performing an SSL Installation and redirecting URL's, it can be an opportune time to undertake a Website Health Check.

A Website Health Check ensures your website is built to best practice standards, such as ensuring your SEO meta title and descriptions are optimised, along with complete technical architecture such as image size optimisation for site speed, image alt tags, heading tags, and broken links.

Your website is also built on a CMS, a CMS is a generic piece of software that is built for many use cases. E.g. An Ecommerce website will use different CMS features than a Lead Generation website. Therefore, it is likely that your website will inherit many aspects of CSS code that are not relevant to your business. Google now looks at CSS code among many other things in determining the ranking of your website. If your website is over a year old we can manually clean up this code that is not required for your business. In the process, MOBLE can go through your website code, line by line and optimise it for speed. This is usually is a task that is reserved for search engine optimisation, but now for the first time, MOBLE clients can purchase a code cleanup and benefit from faster page load speeds. As Google continues to serve better-built websites these considerations will both enhance and future-proof your website.

Please refer to pricing below, if you have any questions please speak directly to Paul Davenport on 1800 800 822 or via the form below.


$350 + GST Year 1
$110 + GST From Year 2
SSL Certificate (256 Encryption)
URL's Redirects


$1,250 + GST Year 1
$110 + GST From Year 2
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SSL Certificate (256 Encryption)
Setup & Redirects
SEO Meta Tags Optimisation
Image Alt Tag Optimisation
Image Size Optimisation
Broken Link Check
Heading Tag Optimisation
CSS Optimisation

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