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Suitable for Associations, Online Communities, Intranets
"Having built directory websites for our own businesses, we have a formula that brings you success, by encouraging you to address cash flow from day one."


Directory websites can be quickly categorised and sorted into large volumes of information, allowing your users to find your information quickly.

With the right business model directory websites can present an excellent source of recurring revenue of monthly/annual subscriptions, price per listing, or percentage per transaction revenue models.

We use directory websites every day, to navigate our way around the web. Examples of directory websites might be business directory listings, store locators, comparison shopping websites, even product listings, member profile listings or even social networks. MOBLE has vast experience in building directory websites, form small store locators, to social networks, to multi-vendor shopping malls with 1000's of product listings.

Directory websites serve large volumes of information. Often website directories include large category structures, enabling profile listings to be sorted and easily found by the user. Designing Directory Websites using responsive web design requires an in-depth understanding of how customers search, then the ability to deliver content with exceptional user experience.

Why do directory websites fail?

Building and launching a directory website is not for the faint hearted. Over the last 12 years, the MOBLE team has seen many a directory websites go out of business before they even start. Having built directory websites for our own businesses, we have a formula to ensure that you address cash flow from day one. We mitigate risk and most of all work with you to ensure that you are providing a service that people want to pay for.

MOBLE 'Tagonomy'

Through building our own directory website businesses, MOBLE has developed an exceptional tagging system that makes light work of searching, serving and sorting, large volumes of content. Profile pages can quickly be tagged into categories. Widgets can quickly be configured to pull in the tags that are relevant to it. Tags for each widget can be swapped and updated on the fly. Frontend users can decide on what tags are relevant to them, to quickly sort the content that they require. With MOBLE, any page can have an unlimited amount of tags. There is no traditional taxonomy tree structure, just pages, with a widget calling in tags. You are in complete control and can reorganise large amounts of content effortlessly. The benefits of such a system stretch from simplicity of management, to revenue growth, allowing you to charge subscribers for the level of membership that they receive.

Secure Payments

MOBLE is an expert in developing complex payment systems. You may not be aware of all of the payment options that are available for your directory business. MOBLE will provide the essential advice, so that you can make your directory profitable, with as little admin work as possible.

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